Hey. I read through some of the threads and can't find an answer that's helping. I installed the FREE Zone Alarm Firewall a few days ago. After that, I noticed that I couldn't log in to the website http://www.blogdrive.com anymore. When I try, it just refreshes the login screen as if I didn't even do anything. I figured Zone Alarm was the problem since I never had login issues with any websites before, so I turned off all the settings I could find on it. Still couldn't log in. I shut it down. Still couldn't log in. I uninstalled it. Still couldn't log in. I went through all of my internet explorer settings, chose to accept all cookies, cleared all of my temp files, cache, all of the usual. Still couldn't log in. Restarted, tried again. Still couldn't log in. Searched the registry for leftover ZAentries, didn't see any.This is driving me nuts. So far as I know, this is the only website I can't login to anymore. Every other one works fine.I keep reading on here what to tryon Zone Alarm Pro, but that's not what I'm using so none of the instructions people are giving applies unless I just don't see a Privacy section on the firewall software.Is it possible that ZA changed settings somewhere that I can't get access to? I'm using Windows XP Home Edition and I'm using Internet Explorer. I know XP comes with its own firewall. I don't know how to change the options of that but it never gave me any trouble before so I never had to. The only other program I have on my PC is McAfee VirusScan.I read some help articles on that because even though McAfee has never given me trouble, I thought Zone Alarm might have forced it to change its settings as well, but I kept seeing all of these instructions on using the McAfee Security Centerto make changes to my internet security settings that didn't apply to me, like tabs and menus it shows that I don't have. I have the McAfee VirusScan, I see it running in the tray right now, it's always running,and in the start menu, there's aMcAfee Security Centericon, but when I click on either, I don't get any kind of interface that shows security settings, firewalls, all this stuff that's supposed to be included with McAfee. All I get is the VirusScan and that's all.Anyway, I guess that's all the info I can think of that you might need to help me out. Oh, and I know nothing is wrong with my blogdrive account itself. Thanks!I reinstalled the FREE Zone Alarm Firewall so that someone can give me help from scratch.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.5