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Thread: flip words won't run with ZA

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    deweylovem Guest

    Default flip words won't run with ZA

    Flipwords 2 game won't run with newly installed Zone Alarm(ZA). It is set to "allow" in the ZA program settings, but it will only run if I uninstall ZA. I believe it has to connect to the internet to run.

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    Default Re: flip words won't run with ZA

    Have you tried ZA Game Mode yet?

    Right Click the ZA Tray Icon and Click on Game Mode..

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    deweylovem Guest

    Default Re: flip words won't run with ZA

    I tried game mode, but It didn't work. I have set Amazon games and flip words2 to allow access to the internet. ZA is not asking whether to allow or deny any programs. I will reinstall it, maybe something didn't install correctly

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