Hi all,
Long time user of Zone Alarm user and loyalist. I just reformatted and install Security Suite 9.3 on my pc last week running XP and SP3 and my laptop next week running Vista. This new Suite I am not accustomed to be so obtrusive so bear with my questions.

I am still within that "learning period" for the firewall so some of this might clear up. My really weird issue is I cant use my Favorites in IE 8 unless I bring favorites down to a toolbar setting to click on splitting my screen. I can see the drop down from my normal menu, but everything else is invisible. All other File, edit, tools and so on work fine. I know its ZA because when I shut the firewall down it works fine. Any suggestions here? I am sure there is a simple solution.

I am also seeing some peformance issues from this new version making PC sluggish will this get better when it gets out its "learning period"? Is the force field that intrusive since I have been running an older version for 1 1/2 years or so because its new to me as well.
I am just a little concerned the Suite is turning into a resource hog that is similiar to other companies packages. Any hints or ideas that I can stream line it with would be appreciated.