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Thread: Netflix & ZA Extreme Security > Turn Virtualization Off

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    Exclamation Netflix & ZA Extreme Security > Turn Virtualization Off


    Lately when trying to view a movie online via Netflix, am getting a DRM error as the movie is about to start playing. The movie will play normally however, if I shut down browser security and start Firefox "unprotected."

    I have Virtualization enabled, and have removed/reinstalled ZA using the Removal tool
    , and removed/reinstalled Firefox.

    At this point I am up against a wall, and appreciate your help.

    Following are version data:

    Browser: Firefox, Windows XP SP3, ZA Extreme Security v9.3.037.000, Antivirus engine v8.0.2.48, ZA Browser Security v1.5.152.14
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    you may want to report this issue to the official technical support and get it troubleshooted. Link to technical support in my signature.

    Let us know if you find the source of the problem.


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    We do not suggest turning Virtualization on when trying to stream content from Netflix. Due to the way they protect there content from being copied Virtualization is not 100% compatible with Netflix streaming and there are no plans to make it compatible either.

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