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Thread: ZA Extreme Forcefield Conflicts with EasyBcd (Att. GeorgeV)

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    Post ZA Extreme Forcefield Conflicts with EasyBcd (Att. GeorgeV)

    Using ZAX V9.3.037.000
    Fails on Vista/7 64Bit

    -> Solution,
    1. Disable Forcefield under services (Run Services.msc - and scroll down to
    ZoneAlarm Forcefield, dbl-click and set to disabled !! Warning, be carefull not to

    change anything other than described here, as it can mess up your windows)
    2. Close the window and reboot
    3. Now run EasyBcd.exe and make your changes, save and close EasyBcd
    4. Run Services.msc, Revert ssettings on ZoneAlarm Forcefield
    5. Reboot and your protected again

    My Bad, its stated everywhere to give this info., sorry
    I Have contacted The Developer of this program, they stated it is a ZA Issue
    I Have reported the issue to ZA Support.

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    Default Re: ZA Extreme Forcefield Conflicts with EasyBcd (Att. GeorgeV)

    Thank you..

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