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    snudgeo Guest

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    I am trying to configure ZAES to a port for use with uTorrent. I have (I think) followed the instructions set out by but cannot get the port to forward at all. The instructions are a little ambiguous in parts.

    There are several historical threads here, with references to explanations in even earlier threads, all of which (so far as I can see) are expired.

    Can anyone help in setting up an "expert" rule specifically for this purpose?

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    Sorry, I don't think portforwarding is possible in ZA. See a similar response by Forum Moderator.


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    Oh, it is ! But it depends on how you're connected and how your modem works. If your modem supports UPNP, it will open ports automatically. Useful for file-sharing. But keep in mind, this is potentially risky, because you actively allow the traffic to pass your firewall, which makes your PC vulnerable.
    If you don't have or want to use UPNP, you must look into your modems configuration. There should be an option to open ports manually. There you have to give the desired program (e.g. bittorrent client) permission to open the port it needs. The site is quite helpful as I remember but there are multiple type of modems and many differences in the way how to configure them. There are also different ways for portforwarding. Some require you to make your IP static. If it isn't absolutely necessary I wouldn't recommend this. Normally it should work without.
    It's a bit tricky if you do this first but there are other helpful guides in the internet. You just have to search.

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    snudgeo Guest

    Default Re: Port forwarding

    I know port forwarding is not configurable in the free version of ZA, but it should be easy to set up an "expert" rule in my version. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be anyone here who knows how to do it. The ambiguity in the ZA section of has so far prevented me from establishing a satisfactory rule. Surely someone here knows how to do it.

    I have set my uTorrent to a fixed port and also my router to a fixed IP. It's only ZA that I haven't managed to configure fully so far.

    Help please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snudgeo View Post

    I have set my uTorrent to a fixed port and also my router to a fixed IP. It's only ZA that I haven't managed to configure fully so far.
    You have to go to ZA program control and give utorrent full access.

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    snudgeo Guest

    Default Re: Port forwarding

    Thanks, but full access for uTorrent is already set. It's the "expert" rule to port forward I need to sort out.

    OK, if anyone can help with this, please post and I will check back from time to time.

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