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Thread: ZA Security Suite mis-identifying DLL

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    Default ZA Security Suite mis-identifying DLL

    I downloaded and installed Jewel Quest Mysteries bundle from MSN Games' website. All was great until today when my anti-virus/anti-spyware scan through ZA Security Suite is mis-identifiying one of the dll's (GAMESHELL.DLL) as having a virus: "Backdoor.Win32.Optix.tpuv".

    I cannot restore this file cause as soon as I do, ZA re-flags it and quarantines it. If I try to re-install the game, it gets flagged.

    When I click on learn more on the scanning status window, it brings me to the virus information page and that says it can't find anything on it.

    How do I get it to stop flagging this valid file so I can play the game?

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