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Thread: Email Scanning During Download.

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    Default Email Scanning During Download.

    My ZA Security Suite 9.3.014 works well except for one small point.

    ZA scans all my incoming emails but only those that come into my Explorer default account – the Inbox. I have explorer set up to download emails from 4 other accounts into their own folders and ZA doesn’t scan those.

    In Local Folders I have – Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Drafts, wwwww, xxxxx, yyyyy & zzzzz with wwwww, xxxxx, yyyyy & zzzzz being the folders for the extra 4 email accounts.

    How can I get ZA to scan the four extra accounts and not just the Inbox as the emails are downloaded?

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    Default Re: Email Scanning During Download.

    Sorry, as far as I know its not possible. This is already discussed, for example, here:

    Junk mail scanner stops?


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