So I have two machine being backed up by Zone Alarm. One which worked fine the other dropped the backup sessions from Home Server all the time until I unloaded ZoneAlarm from it, then it works fine. What I can't discover is however what the setting/s need to be on the machine that is not working to allow Home Server to back it up without closing Zone Alarm when I want to do a backup. Anyone got any bright ideas for me to try, it's a real pain? Also when I look down the program by program view, there are a number of programs that Zone Alarm has learnt over time. Is there a list somewhere of lets say the top 200 programs in a Windows 7 box, including office, Word, Firefox etc, that highlights what the programs try to communicate to the internet and how to stop them if desired? My default without such a list is to lock everything down to the point where "things" stop to function and come back from that point a fraction until "things" work again. But it is very hit and miss and time consuming. Why do I bother? It fascinates me just how much chatter onto the Internet these boxes and software think should be normal. No one asked me if I want this chatter and whatever marketing profiling etc purposes use this information for. I have nothing to hide, but I do like to be informed and asked first. Tradeon!