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Thread: Zonealarm settings for Home Sever

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    Tradeon33 Guest

    Default Zonealarm settings for Home Sever

    So I have two machine being backed up by Zone Alarm. One which worked fine the other dropped the backup sessions from Home Server all the time until I unloaded ZoneAlarm from it, then it works fine. What I can't discover is however what the setting/s need to be on the machine that is not working to allow Home Server to back it up without closing Zone Alarm when I want to do a backup. Anyone got any bright ideas for me to try, it's a real pain? Also when I look down the program by program view, there are a number of programs that Zone Alarm has learnt over time. Is there a list somewhere of lets say the top 200 programs in a Windows 7 box, including office, Word, Firefox etc, that highlights what the programs try to communicate to the internet and how to stop them if desired? My default without such a list is to lock everything down to the point where "things" stop to function and come back from that point a fraction until "things" work again. But it is very hit and miss and time consuming. Why do I bother? It fascinates me just how much chatter onto the Internet these boxes and software think should be normal. No one asked me if I want this chatter and whatever marketing profiling etc purposes use this information for. I have nothing to hide, but I do like to be informed and asked first. Tradeon!

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    dapjukebox Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm settings for Home Sever

    At a guess you are using the free version and the pc that has the problem with backups to home server is a 64 bit os. Has it got microsoft security essentials installed?
    If that is correct then it is exactly the same problem that i had.
    If you remove security essentials it will work ok.
    Only solution i found was to upgrade to the paid for version.
    Do manual backups work ok?

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    Tradeon33 Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm settings for Home Sever

    Nope the version I am using is paid for and fully licensed for the entire ZA suite. Not sure on the essentials question you asked. Will have to check when next in front of the system tonight. The manual backups work fine, as do the automatic ones, once I take ZA down. But neither automatic nor manual ones work if ZA is up and running on the PC. Tradeon

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    Default Re: Zonealarm settings for Home Sever

    Quote Originally Posted by Tradeon33 View Post
    Nope the version I am using is paid for and fully licensed for the entire ZA suite.
    If you are using a licensed version please be sure to troubleshoot the issue with the official ZA technical support. Links in my signature.

    Let us know if you find a solution, it may help other users with similar problems.


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