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Thread: false positive (download protection)

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    Default false positive (download protection)


    I am the author of xplorer2, a piece of software that is WRONGLY accused as 'malware' by this security suit.

    I have been trying for some while to contact zonealarm support by chat and the recommended false positive report form, but I was duly ignored

    You can see the kind of wrong identification in this picture


    this warning appears when users of zonealarm (professional) try to download and install my software from here


    Can you please lift this wrong accusation as this is costing me sales?
    thank you in advance for your prompt handling of this matter
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    Default Re: false positive (download protection)

    Please note that the detection you pasted is of the behavioral engine and does not mean your file is necessary malware as explained in detail here:

    ZA advanced heuristic scan --> False positives?

    You should point your clients to the last two lines in the explanation of the advanced scan.

    Please also note we are all users here and since we cannot solve your issue I will close this thread. If you are not happy of the detection keep following up with official support.

    Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.

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    If you are the legal owner of the software and sourcecode you can sign up for our PASS program which will verify your claim as the maker of the software and allow you to participate in this program so that ZA will recognize your software IF it passes our tests and does not have any code the WE deim malicious.

    Even if you say it not but we find something we deim an issue we still will not allow it.

    If you bought this software or are a user of the software you cannot participate in this program.

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