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Thread: WOW gets stuck in loading screen when zonealarm is on

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    Default WOW gets stuck in loading screen when zonealarm is on

    Hi, a while back there was a post here that explained how WoW gets stuck in the loading screen when ZoneAlarm is on, the thread here:

    Since there was only one post it was councluded that the broblem i in the persons computer. Well im here to post that i too have the broblem since WoW Patch 4.0.0, the cataclysm release. I also have brother ans 2 friends over at WoW who use ZoneAlarm and have the smae broblem.

    Plus there are topics in Blizzards forums stating this same broblem:

    I do not know wich end is creating the broblem but there is deffenatedly more with the broblem than just the one person on the previous thread.
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    Default Re: WOW gets stuck in loading screen when zonealarm is on

    Sorry all users here and the issue was already answered by ZA staff. Considering ZAfree offer no official support I am afraid you will need to find an alternative solution meanwhile (and if) ZA will ever look at it.


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    Default Re: WOW gets stuck in loading screen when zonealarm is on

    Support wont be able to help.

    This was tested by our Development dept thoroughly and we found no issues at all with ZA and the latest version of WoW and expansion pack.

    We still conclude its an individual system issue. It can be more than one system, there are millions of WoW players world wide and not a single computer is identical.

    Suggest you turn on Game Mode ZA to see if that helps. If you don't want to do that only other option is to shutdown ZA when playing WoW.

    Right click the Z icon in the system try and select Game Mode

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