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Thread: ZoneAlarm removal tool 2011

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    Exclamation ZoneAlarm removal tool 2011

    I tried to install ZoneAlarm Free on a Windows 7 computer but it went wrong.
    I want to try again.
    I'd like to ensure there is no ZA remnants left on the cpu before trying again.
    I read a post that mentions a ZoneAlarm removal tool.

    Is the tool still valid for the late 2010, 2011 ZA releases?
    If not, what should I check to ensure all traces of ZA are gone?

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm removal tool 2011

    The latest versions of ZA all have the removal tool built in now.

    So when you run the ZA uninstaller from Start > Programs > ZoneAlarm

    Your actually running what was the standalone uninstaller tool.

    So if you uninstalled this way there no need to download and run it again.

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