Hi, I use ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and the OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. Forcefield is set to on so that it will scan all the files that I download online. Usually when I download a file, it will display a small window asking me where to save this file and after I choose the location to save the file, the small window will minimize itself as a taskbar button on the bottom of the screen. When I want to see the progress of the download, I can simply click on that taskbar button and see how many % of that file has been saved. But recently I noticed that when I download a lot of files at the same time, for example, 7 or more files at the same time, I can no longer see the taskbar buttons of some of the downloads, I usually use latest version of IE as the browser, so I cannot find out whether the downloads have been completed or not. Usually when the download is complete, the taskbar button will pop out as a small window and notify me that the download has been completed. But when I download many files at the same time, I can no longer see the download complete notificaton. Unlike Firefox, IE does not have a feature to allow users to view the progress of the current downloads, Firefox have the "Downloads" button under "Tools" but IE does not have that option. May I ask if the developers of ZoneLab can improve the feature and allow users to view all the current downloads in the ZoneAlarm Extreme Security program or to ensure that forcefield will pop out a window to notify the users that after the download has been completed? Thanks.