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Thread: Multiple DNS on IPConfig

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    Question Multiple DNS on IPConfig

    I was having problems with za not letting my computer see the internet connection so I would have to turn off za and get connected, then turn it back on. I read thru posts here and did the ipconfig info fix and added ip addresses to my trusted zone. But...I had like 3 dns addresses show up in my ipconfig, is that normal or should that be a red flag of some sort? I put all 3 in trusted zone and changed my trusted zone setting to medium. If this is not right...plz let me know ASAP!

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    Yes, that is correct. Remember to add also your DHCP IP address(es) since is the DHCP that lease you the IP and allows you to connect. Yes, trusted zone must be set to MEDIUM and not high (the default at install). Normally ZA automatically adds this information in the ZA zones unless you are using an old version or installing it without an active internet connection.

    Also remember to run only 1 (one) firewall a time as well as 1 (one) active antivirus a time.

    If you have still problems.... then please give more info on the system, exact version of ZA, security tools used (detailed list), OS version used, if it ever worked before, what the changes you have performed. The content of ZAlogs blocked items.... more information you post more likely someone will be able to help you.

    Also note that if you have a valid license you can contact, free of charge, the official ZA technical support at the link in my signature.


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