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Thread: Fix it in ZA Antivirus version 8

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    raffovolfie Guest

    Unhappy Fix it in ZA Antivirus version 8

    Few days ago apear on my Zone Alarm anti - virus/ anti - spyware option //Fix it// but when i try tofix it nothing happening and my anti virus is off
    What i can do?
    I just renew my license with ZoneAlarm
    thx 4help
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    qwerty717 Guest

    Default Re: Fix it in ZA Antivirus version 8

    try a clean reinstall using clean.exe(located in the directory where your ZA product is located) then download the latest version of ZA anti-virus on the ZA site.

    hope this helps =)
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    kjohnsn912 Guest

    Default Re: Fix it in ZA Antivirus version 8

    The same problem just started for me yesterday. I am running XP Pro SP3, up-to-date. I downloaded the latest update for ZoneAlarm, which I have used for years, installed it, and updated the AntiVirus. Still cannot turn on virus checking.

    Kathy J.

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    Please note that this is a user forum, if what suggested by other users here does not help please be sure to contact the official ZA tecnical support at the link in my signature. They will help you to troubleshoot the issue.

    P.S. Please note that version 8 is officially not supported. You may need to move to version 9.
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