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Thread: No logs for Firewall and OS Firewall.

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    Question No logs for Firewall and OS Firewall.

    Hi to all!!!

    I'm wondering why I have logs only for Antivirus/Spyware and no logs for Firewall/OS Firewall. Your assistance would be appreciated.

    Cheers Kev
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    Default Re: No logs for Firewall and OS Firewall.

    Please check the logs in the C:/WINDOWS/Internet Logs folders. Look for ZALOG*.txt files. It may be just a glitch of the GUI not showing them or specific logs settings that cleans them. Finally please note that after a while ZA learns your environment and you may get much less warnings.

    Also logs may be removed at each reboot and incoming unsolicited calls may be filtered out if you connect via a router or modem doing NAT.

    On in all it could be normal and not justifying a reinstall of ZA just to get warnings in the logs GUI. Well, you may want to if you consider it essential.


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