I'm here because ZoneAlarm want let me e-mail them because I'm using the free version firewall reguardless of what kind of trouble/problem I'm having! I'm running the free ZoneAlarm program and I did a [Check For Update] via the program overview/preferences panel. It came back with an available update @ version zasetup_92_076_000_en.exe at about 44.8MB. Well that seemed a bit large just for a update so I begain to wonder if ZoneAlarm was redefining the term update to also include upgrade. In other words was this download a trial preiod program or a complete replacement of my existing free ZoneAlarm, not just a definition set update like an anti-virus/anti-spyware program does. Before I let anything happen I checked the ZoneAlarm web site and it showed a version of zasetup_92_102_00_en.exe(44.7MB) for the free ZoneAlarm.
I have version installed so this could mean one of two things:

1 - That this is a sequential download but that makes no since
because it looks like it's going to completely replace the
program I have with a different version one. And why wouldn't
the web site show it? So why not get the 102 version off the
web site? Now if I use the programs own [Check For Updates]
and install the 076 version will it then say there is another
update available @ version 102? So now I'll have to download
another 44.8MB update.

2 - Or ZoneAlarms own database hasn't caught up with what it
has posted for download.

Another question I have is if this is going tobe a uninstall/reinsall type of update will it save and reuse my old version settings? Or will I have to reconfigure the [program access controls] the way I want them again?

Just for your information and to get by that thought I did check the Q&A sections but couldn't found any answers specific to my questions. Sometimes it's just difficult to filter through all that data to find what your looking for.

So what do you think? And thank you to anybody that has any input to my dilemma.