Just renewed my ZAIS account. Took the bait and upgraded to ZAES. Got my email, which pointed out that I would need to uninstall the old program and install ZAES fresh. Rats. Followed the link to a page that told how:

Unchecked "Load ZoneAlarm at startup" and rebooted.
Went to Programs / ZoneAlarm / Uninstall ZoneAlarm / Properties.
In box labelled "Target", added " /clean" to end of existing entry, clicked OK.
Went to Programs / ZoneAlarm, clicked Uninstall ZoneAlarm.

Got a dialog saying it was verifying permission. Then another dialog asking for ZoneAlarm password, entered password. Another dialog, this saying ZoneAlarm would be uninstalled and asking to fill out a survey saying why. Clicked Uninstall. A quick flash of another dialog (too quick to read), then nothing. Wait. More nothing. Wait some more, go to Programs, ZoneAlarm is still there. Tried this twice, same result. This is on a laptop running XP Pro SP3 (I think).

Where to from here? I get the sense from posts here that ZoneAlarm is very particular about how it's uninstalled.

This upgrade better be good.