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Thread: how to enable stealth?

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    Default how to enable stealth?

    I am using Windows 7 Professional with ZA 9.3.037. My router has been failing me and I have plugged the computer directly into the cable modem for internet connection. I am in Public Zone for networking, and Internet Zone in ZA. All Firewall settings are set to default. Out of curiosity I ran Shields UP for common ports and received a failing grade. Only port 0 is stealth, ports 135, 139, 445, and also 554 are open, and the other main ports are closed. When I searched this forum there is mention of prgram settings, and indeed I have many, many programs in the list with most of them having server for Internet enabled - which I don't understand as I generally do not permit it when ZA prompts me.

    When I enable the Windows Firewall I get full stealth! So is there a way to set the ZA Firewall to stealth, or would I be better advised using the Windows Firewall?
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