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    Yesterday I discovered that: GridService \ peer.exe, peerAdapter.exe and peerconf.exe disabled the anti-phishing of Zone Alarm Security Suite
    every time I restart my computer! I deleted it with
    Hijackthis. Why Zone Alarm does not detect it?

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    xyz was not detected. What I should do?

    no security product can cover 100% of the threat out there.

    However with a correct setup and good education you can avoid most of the potential issues.

    Check you are not running vulnerable software, Click here. Be sure you are running the latest version of the ZA Security. Latest versions are published here. Every new version add new feature against latest threats.

    Now set ZA antivirus update frequency to shortest level (30 minutes). Just a few minutes can make the difference between been infected and been protected

    Ensure the ZA program control is the to MAX. Always pay attention to ZA popup windows warning you about suspicious behavior.
    Don't just allow everything without reading. If you have ZA Extreme, turn ON forcefield virtualization.

    NOTE: Do not overlap security tool one over the other. It is likely to cause conflicts behind the scene with application fighting for resources and blocking each other. End result you have less security and difficulties in case of infections. Remove any other security tool you have installed to the exception of the free tools suggested here.

    Finally, if you encounter new non recognized viruses please send them in a password protected zip file to newvirus at kaspersky dot com. Subject: virus. Include password in the e-mail.

    "Computers are Expensive pieces of equipment. For the same reasons that you lock your home and car (to keep others out), you need to have some type of latest version of a Firewall & Antivirus protection on your computer. There is an Arms race out there between Malware producers and Antivirus software producers. and the War Escalates Hourly.
    ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24 Hours Pacific Time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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