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Thread: Intel Atom 450 Cpu performance

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    metinq Guest

    Default Intel Atom 450 Cpu performance

    I used Zone Alarm Internet Security in the past and I was satisfied with it although I use Kaspersky now to protect my desktop pc (i7 920). Kaspersky Internet Security checks my hard drive too often and I'm not willing to use it for the netbook I'm willing to buy.

    Yet, I'm now disappointed with the Windows 7 System Requirements. 2GB Ram and 2Ghz Cpu. My prospective netbook (Asus T101MT) comes with a 1GB ram and Atom 450 Cpu at 1.6 Ghz. I will definetly upgrade its ram to 2GB and I won't overclock it at all.

    Does that means then I cannot return to my old friend? Aren't there any options to lower or disable some security levels and run the Internet Security Smoothly?

    Thank you.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Cool Re: ZA and netbooks

    Click here > <> read thru the thread.

    I would suggest: instead of ZA Suite go for ZA Anti-Virus = firewall + Kas. av. This provides core protection without the extra features of suite; less demands of your limited resources. Otherwise, you can 'try out' the suite...?...

    Plus shut-off/ disable windows "aero display" , 'properly' un-install any "bundled" software you are sure you're not going to use.
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