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Thread: Keylogger protection when not using FF or IE?

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    sandai Guest

    Default Keylogger protection when not using FF or IE?


    My main concern is keylogging in general outside of browsers. Is the protection there for other programs when not using a browser? Such as during gaming, chat, etc.

    Also is there any thought to supporting Opera anytime soon? This is the only browser I use on a daily basis.

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    sandai Guest

    Default Problem with download trials

    There is a page that has 30 day trials for all the Zone Alarm products (except the data security), but the page says it's broken when I try to download. Is there another page or another way to get the trial? I have no problems with other sites and I've even restarted the computer and tried three different browsers.

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    sandai Guest

    Default Re: Keylogger protection when not using FF or IE?

    Well, I tried to install the trial and it didn't work (ZA would not initialize after many restarts) so I guess I'll never know.

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    Default Re: Keylogger protection when not using FF or IE?

    Sorry all users here, Forcefield only support IE and FF.
    All ZA products offer a trial, if it does not work on your system then its an indication that ZA conflits with something installed. So, better to stay away from it.

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