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Thread: CPU usage increased on MCE WinXP SP3

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    Craig2010 Guest

    Default CPU usage increased on MCE WinXP SP3

    I can only describe this as a downgrade in the CPU's ability to perform. No process is taking up huge chunks of resources for any length of time, but since upgrading on renewal to Extreme 9.3.037 I noticed a loss of performance. Which led me to take a look at the CPU usage with the taskmanager. What I found were a lot a processes that don't normally run on a percentage of CPU doing so continuously at between 1-10% and a few like print server software and lsass running above and occasionally hogging 50+%, and this was in just an idle state. You can imagine the knock on effect when some resources were really required.

    I ran a couple of scan engines and apart from some tracking cookies, nothing major. Well why should there be ZA (with anti virus) has been running on the PC in some form or other for 4 years now. I defragged the registry with PC-tune up. Checked all was OK in safemode, which it was. In fact ZA does not affect things in safemode. But when running in normal boot the problem appears. Uninstall and all is OK. Reinstall it all starts again. This time it also has a problem loading up Forcefield (logged), although straight after it seems to running happy as Larry.

    Now I know the PC is old and probably is beginning to carry a bit of heat damage (its had a rough life), but there shouldn't be such a large difference in idle performance. If anyone has any thoughts I'd be happy to hear them - there has to be a conflict somewhere but I haven't located it yet.

    PC Dell Dimension 3100 (DV05)
    2GB RAM
    3GB CPU Pentium 4

    OS Windows XP media centre edition SP3
    ZA extreme 9.3.037
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