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    doodahbear Guest

    Question Programs settings

    I have alot of stuff in programs on my za. I have the extreme suites (paid) I am wondering about 2 things here... first do I need to have things like windows updates and the like in there...and if not, if I delete anything from the list, have I disabled or even given carte blanc to that program and secondly.... I guess I am alittle bit hazy on what programs should get access to what... for instance, I use internet based mail and don't want to use my computer based e-mail at all. Are there any programs I would need to allow access to email and which should get internet and trusted access etc. After more than a decade being a happy but ignorant computer user...I woke up to realize there was a potential monster in the house if I don't get it protected properly. I love ZA but I am afraid I am not putting the program settings, especially, correctly. Could someone give alittle guidance on that. I recently had to reformat and re-install windows xp... I have a handful of tools (HJT-Program explorer-ccleaner etc) but nothing else in terms of added programs, but I am sifting through a hundred programs (windows updates-service pack setups-self extracting cabs(alot of those) net framework stuff etc) in ZA to see who I need to change privledges on after za alert.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Thumbs up Re: clean Programs settings

    Two methods:

    1 - Manual Removal.

    Remember by right clicking the program/ file and 'Remove' - you are not "un-installing" the program > just removing the name off your ZA Program Control panel/ list. To 'un-install' programs/ software you need to use 'windows add/ remove' or use some clean-up utility like CCLeaner, etc.

    If you have multiple instances of the same program - right click - 'remove' the older versions - look at the dates/ time stamp and file version numbers; keep the latest 'new' version.

    You want to remove all the temporary program/files that you ususally get after an install/ update/ upgrade. All programs ending in: ".tmp" , 'run once -/wrapper', 'self-extracting cabinet', 'setup.exe and temp/ installers', Win32 Cabinet Self Extractor .

    After a 'Windows Update' there are numerous 'service pack setups-self extracting cabs, etc.' -> next day you can remove these (after restart/ next time you start up). It is in your best interest to keep "Windows Update" service for every second tuesday - this keeps your pc secure.

    It's a good idea to open ZA Program Control Panel while your downloading new software/ programs and watch - all the new files and temp. files appear - customize if necessary. Then the next day - manual remove all temp files > this keeps your list tip-top and up-to-date.
    __________________________________________________ ______

    2- Reset Database.

    Keep in mind that you will lose all settings within ZoneAlarm. If you usually rely on the default settings, this poses no problem for you.

    1.) Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys together
    2.) Right click on the ZA icon near your clock
    3.) Choose 'Reset' from the box that comes up
    4.) Choose Yes on the Reset Settings dialog box
    5.) When prompted, choose OK to restart your system
    6.) Follow the on screen configuration prompts after reboot

    If you have a very large program list and don't mind customizing some of your programs again, this works faster. ( You also have the same effect if you upgrade your ZoneAlarm firewall product - can be a side benefit).
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    3* - If you have ZoneAlarm Extreme or stand-alone ForceField - it is advisable to 'Clear virtual data' with some regularity. Settings > Advanced > Virtualization > click "Clear virtual data"
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    If you use 'Hotmail/ MSN or any Live ID services' web-based email you may need to have your IE 6, 7, 8 with 'green check' in Mail column.
    (I also use web based email; never used any Outlook, etc. - Here is a tip: right now you can get Hotmail web-email connected in HTTPS - all the time; same as GMail.)

    For additional advice and tips: you can use the " ? Help " files= right click ZA tray icon or see in ZA GUI, or use ZA "Search", or google search.
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    Default Re: Programs settings

    ZA Extreme comes with the ZA smartdefense feature. All software running on your system is checked against a centralised database of known good/ known bad applications. The applications are then configured accordingly. You don't have to worry about about anything on that list, just use your PC.

    The most important think to do to keep your system safe and usable is:

    1) Always update your OS with latest fixes and patches;

    2) Always update your third party software with latest fixes. Check with secunia site if you are running any vulnerable software and update it.

    3) Never believe any pop-up (other than ZA) telling you are infected. They are fake

    4. If you have not done yet so, turn ON "virtualization" under the advance options of the ZA Extreme web protection section. Most of the infections nowadays comes from legit website and virtualization will stop all hidden drive-by-download attempts.


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