I have alot of stuff in programs on my za. I have the extreme suites (paid) I am wondering about 2 things here... first do I need to have things like windows updates and the like in there...and if not, if I delete anything from the list, have I disabled or even given carte blanc to that program and secondly.... I guess I am alittle bit hazy on what programs should get access to what... for instance, I use internet based mail and don't want to use my computer based e-mail at all. Are there any programs I would need to allow access to email and which should get internet and trusted access etc. After more than a decade being a happy but ignorant computer user...I woke up to realize there was a potential monster in the house if I don't get it protected properly. I love ZA but I am afraid I am not putting the program settings, especially, correctly. Could someone give alittle guidance on that. I recently had to reformat and re-install windows xp... I have a handful of tools (HJT-Program explorer-ccleaner etc) but nothing else in terms of added programs, but I am sifting through a hundred programs (windows updates-service pack setups-self extracting cabs(alot of those) net framework stuff etc) in ZA to see who I need to change privledges on after za alert.