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Thread: No option to check or uncheck for the toolbar

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    Unhappy No option to check or uncheck for the toolbar

    The last update of ZA free installed a toolbar on my browser. Since I am behind a NAT router, I use Zone Alarm for only one reason - to monitor outgoing connections from programs so nothing can secretly install and then "phone home" with any information I wouldn't want someone to have. My antivirus monitors regular traffic for viruses and malware just fine and I am so aware of phishing that I often go ahead and visit the sites just to enter made up credit info to poison their data in hopes they try to use it and get red flagged.

    The bottom line is that during the install, I saw no option to check or uncheck for the toolbar, so I had to manually disable the phishing monitor in the main control panel, then disable all Check Point toolbars and addons from my browser settings.

    Please give us this option in the future during the install. Zone Alarm free has always done what it does better than anything else, and I've used it way before Check Point took over from Zone Labs. Please don't screw it up now.

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    Sorry, you are having problems with ZAfree. Please note that we are all users here and request for features will need to be send to ZA staff directly. Here we do just user to user support on common issues.

    During the install process you should have seen this:

    To avoid installing the toolbar point your mouse over custom install and UNtick "Install Security Toolbar...". It seems pretty visible during the install but you may have accidentally overlooked it. You can still remove the toolbar even after install, scroll your installed software and you will find the ZA toolbar listed there.

    If you are installing ZAPRO, ZA Antivirus or ZA Suite you will see this window: How to Uninstall Forcefield Toolbar Add-on

    I will close soon this thread since the issue is outside the scope of this support forum.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.

    P.S. I have adjusted the title of the thread to make it easier to identify the issue for other users reading the forum.
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