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Thread: Cannot Map Network Drive with Zone Alarm Extreme Security ON

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    Default Cannot Map Network Drive with Zone Alarm Extreme Security ON

    I am trying to Map a Network Drive to a \\servername\file through a VPN... it connects BUT only when ZoneAlarm is shut down... what can to be done to ZoneAlarm to Map the connection?

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    I would suggest you search here for "VPN" and review the many messages and solution posted (that include adding IPs, checking protocols, etc...)

    The user manual has also a section to troubleshoot VPN isssue please have a good review (page 197 onwards).

    Finally review all your log (programs, firewall, OSfirewall, etc..) and check for blocked connections or programs.

    Finally if all the above fails follow up with the official technical support at the link in my signature.

    Let us know how you resolved it. It may help other users with your same problem.


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