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Thread: Ads in ZA free?

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    BobNVL Guest

    Thumbs up Ads in ZA free?

    I just got a window which offers me Zonealarm Security Suite free if I send flowers with ProFlowers.

    Task manager (windows 7 home premiere) shows it as being zlclient.exe *32

    Here's a screen capture of the window in question:

    Is this really spam from Zonealarm or is it some threat I've somehow picked up.


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    Default Re: Ads in ZA free?

    Yes, ZAfree comes with pop-ups at boot. They can push specific messages to you including offers or malware warnings.

    Sorry, there is nothing you can do to prevent those pop-ups than installing another firewall or upgrade to retail ZA versions. It is the price for the free version....

    Since there is nothing we can do or suggest here (all users) to avoid the ads I am closing this thread.

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