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Thread: check point and my new website.

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    Default check point and my new website.

    I just joined this forum because I installed ZA and went to look at a website that Im working on designing.

    The site (Automotive) currently has a logo and a link to enter the forums because I havent designed the front page yet.
    I opened the URL and ZA puts up a small banner claiming that my site is "Suspeicious" and that users should "Leave now"
    I JUST put this page up within the last month or so and havent really had time to work on it due to other projects...Im not into any type of Suspicious activity

    there are many people who use ZA and now they'll think our project is there to commit some sort of crime against them.


    It looks to me like the warning is there to sell a product upgrade at the expense of legit websites.
    Ive now got a lable on my new business venture that is unfair and causes harm to my brand.

    As I type this im weighing my options and seeking advice in regards to being labled suspecious when the site doent even have content besides a logo...Im here asking for help before I look elsewhere.

    thanks for any advice on fixing this problem.
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    Default Re: check point and my new website.

    This has been posted many times before. Please search the board before posting. Please read here below how to deal with the issue:

    [solved] "dont trust this website" - Read Sticky Post by Moderator

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