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Thread: Stuff left after uninstall of ZA long ago.

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    Default Stuff left after uninstall of ZA long ago.

    I have just resurrected my username in this Forum, my last post identified as 1970 sometime.
    I must have had ZA installed early in the life of this computer, purchased around 2005/2006.
    Running XP Pro SP3 on a 3.2ghz HT cpu.

    Due to researching some other problems with my system which does "not" run msinfo32.exe successfully due to information can not be found, which does not relate to ZA in anyway I'm sure, my hijackthis.log V2.2 comes up with a couple of references referencing ZA that I seek assistance in fixing.

    The first:-
    015 - Trusted IP range: http//
    015 - Trusted IP range: http//
    The second:-
    016 - DPF: {2AF5BD25-90C5-4EEC-88C5-B44DC2905D8B} (DownloadManager Control)

    Still searching my hard drives for any references to these entries, so far unsuccessfully, but they have to be in there somewhere.

    If my membership here began in the 1970's, and I was running Zone Alarm until 2005/2006, I must have been fairly happy with it up to the point of uninstalling, and replacing the programme.

    Can you learned people assist me in fixing these leftovers in my system?


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    Default Re: Stuff left after uninstall of ZA long ago.

    Sorry never heard of the 015 entries...
    For the second one (016) you just check it and remove it with hijackthis.

    1970 is due to the migration to all users to a new bulletin board system. Probably the last time you logged was still with the old system and the tranfer to the new system assign by default 1970. Now that you have log in the date will be corrected.

    Please note we are all users here, if you have a valid license or on trial you can contact, free of charge the ZA technical support at the link in my signature.


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    Default Re: Stuff left after uninstall of ZA long ago.

    What you had installed was a very long time ago.

    back when the company was Zone Labs

    Instead of trying to fix it your better off cleaning the entire system up since its so old anyways.

    Format the hard drive and install your OS FRESH is the solution for you.

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