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Thread: ZA hangs on windows startup

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    Default ZA hangs on windows startup

    It's forever frozen with its tray icon showing "UI is initializing..." and all I can do at this point is kill zlclient.exe with ZeroWave using the kernel mode driver.
    After that I can launch it again and it works fine.

    Why is this happening?

    I'm on Win XP SP3.

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    Default Re: ZA hangs on windows startup

    Please search the boards and you will find different solutions to the issue that includes:

    - Reset of ZA settings
    - Reinstall of ZA
    - Selective boot of the system to find the software that conflicts with ZA.

    For example:

    If ZA never worked on the system then there may be some incompatibility with the PC, if it was working before then you need to think what has happen meanwhile (installed new/update software? Your PC crashed or hangs? etc...)

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