Have Zone alarm Extreme purchased in August 2009 for 2 years.

Even though I set the update for once per day, it was updating and bogging down my system multiple times per day. I turned it off in order to manually run the update when I wasn't busy on the computer.

Apparently that wasn't a great idea as that shut down my ability to access my scanning/update features and I get a little message every start of the computer to run the update. That update generally appears to work, but the scan is wonky.

The antivirus/antispyware portion of the program is turned off with grayed out areas to turn it back on, scan now, or advanced options. Cannot click on anything to restore correct scan function.

When it does the start virus update, after the box pops up when computer is turned on, it goes into a scan that only lasts 3 seconds. That's obviously not scanning.

How do I restore these features so I can once again set my scans and updates normally. (Even the 'scan now' clickable option on the lower left of the main ZA screen only does a 3 second 'non' scan.)

Thank you in advance and I hope I've given sufficient information.