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Thread: Visual Studio SP1 Beta

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    knightowl Guest

    Default Visual Studio SP1 Beta

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta will not install when ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is installed.
    I tried ShutDown of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security but install of Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta still failed.
    An uninstall of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security was necessary before Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta would successfully install.
    It seems that ZA shutdown leaves some memory resident component which is stopping MS Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta from validating the signature of one file (vs10sp1-KB983509-Pro.msp).
    I'm using Windows XP SP3 with all current updates.

    Has anyone else tried to install Studio 2010 SP1 Beta ?

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    Default Re: Visual Studio SP1 Beta

    Sorry, The Purpose for letting people try BETA Software, is for those People to REPORT all problems back to the Developers of the BETA Software..

    You need to tell the BETA Developers that their Software is Conflicting with your Zone Alarm Extreme Firewall, or any other conflicts with other software, so that THEY (the Beta Developers) can fix the conflict in the BETA software..
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    knightowl Guest

    Default Re: Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta

    I'm aware of the procedures and problems with Beta releases.

    I am in communication with Microsoft VS2010 SP1 Beta development team and currently doing further testing to help identify the exact nature of the problem.
    My posting was to point out that a ZoneAlarm Shutdown should have been sufficient and it should NOT have been necessary to uninstall ZoneAlarm.
    ZoneAlarm Shutdown should either terminate all ZoneAlarm memory resident processes or, preferable, release all file handles so it can have no impact on any other system process.
    It obviously is not doing so otherwise an uninstall of ZoneAlarm would not be necessary.

    I was asking if anyone else has experienced this problem to see if the problem also occurs with Windows 7 (I'm using XP).

    I was hoping that ZoneAlarm might be interested in the fact that this interaction with VS2010 SP1 Beta has highlighted that Shutdown has a deficiency/bug in the memory resident processes and that this might be an opportunity for ZoneAlarm development staff to solve it.

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    Default Re: Visual Studio SP1 Beta

    Thank you for posting this information and maybe someone else who is also doing the same beta test will respond.

    Check Point has a very good working relationship with Microsoft so if MS feels its an issue in ZA they have direct contacts with development at Check Point to discuss such issues.

    Thank you

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