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Thread: ZA Antivirus - No Response to Three Fields

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    Default ZA Antivirus - No Response to Three Fields

    I am currently running ZoneAlarm Antivirus, Windows XP SP 3. The questions that I have are when I click on any of the two (2) items in the Additional Services box I receive no response. Also when I click the Verify that I am running all the necessary protection on my computer I also receive no response. I am missing something or is that normal.

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    And these items are? Could you please be more explicit?
    You mean hyperlinks that should open a browser window?

    if yes, this may be linked to a bad install of ZA or broken functionality in XP in calling the default browser. The first problem can be fixed by a clean install of ZA (remove ZA from XP add/remove applications and then reinstall the latest version), for the latter I don't know, better ask in dedicated forum for OS support.

    You seem to be plugged by problems with ZA software. I would recommend you contact the official ZA technical support rather than the user support forum. This is to have your issues recorded and troubleshooted properly and eventually claim for a refund if applicable.

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