My laptop started warning me that I had malware/virus and it automatically started a scan useing what appeared to be Win 7 Anit-spyware which I usually keep disabled because I have Zonealarm equivalent.

I was surprised that it found 29 Trojans/worms etc because I have always kept my ZA up to date and scan.

The Win 7 anti-spyware kept insisting that I turn on Win 7 anti-spyware and register it and do a clean up. I also got a full screen warning notice saying how important it was to protect my family and friends from viruses etc, I thought the wording of this message did not ring true as it seemed a bit Eastern European rather than American english.

I ignored this as I was suspicious that it was leading me to a disreputable site. Eventually it disabled my net connection and then shut my laptop down.

I rebooted in 'safe mode' but got same sort of thing again and no connection. Am I being paranoid about this and should I follow the registration instructions or what?