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Thread: System Volume rdb file issue

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    Default System Volume rdb file issue

    I have an issue with hard drive space vanishing. I have noticed that the space used by the System Volume Information directory is increasing and that much of the space used is .rdb files. Is this a ZA issue? I am using ZA Pro 9.3.014 I read somewhere that the problem could be that the registry entry in FilesNotToBackup combines two paths in the same line and they should be in separate lines. Currently the entry reads

    ZABackup REG_MULTI_SZ C:\Windows\Internet Logs\\iamdb.rdb C:\Windows\Internet Logs\\backup.rdb

    Should I make a new entry that says C:\Windows\Internet Logs\\backup.rdb ?

    Also wonder why there is a double slash, \\, before file name. I don't see that format in the other entries. Is that correct or should I use single \ instead? Or do nothing? Thanks.

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    You should better update your ZAPRO to the latest version. There was an issue with ealier versions where rdb keep been saved every minute.

    You find the latest version here (ZA

    First fully remove your current version. Ensure no left overs (folders) and file are on the system then install the latest version.
    You should not have anymore issue with ZAP files.
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