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    Hello, forum.

    I've been a happy user of ZoneAlarm Free for many years, and recommended it to many people. Probably this makes me a terrible skinflint and someone who shouldn't expect too much for the pound they're not spending, but I'm curious as to why ZA has suddenly started subjecting me to pop-up ads (I should clarify, these are ads for ZoneAlarm, notification of ZA surveys and so on, not third-party companies and products).

    It's not that I mind advertising, particularly, as long as it's not too intrusive; I figure I'm getting something for nothing so the least I can do is put up with the occasional banner or whatever.

    My problem is in the fact that, as I would have thought a security company would realise, pop-ups are the enemy. Pop-ups are a threat. They're often used as a happy, trojan-horsey way in to someone's computer and I don't understand why ZoneAlarm wants to put users - even tight-fisted Free users - in the position of having to click on an unsolicited pop-up, even to dismiss it?

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    SOrry we are all users here and ZA does not monitor this board.
    Moreover, this has been discussed many times before, please see, for example here:

    Q/A are in place to avoid bot spam. There is nothing we can do to avoid them. I am closing this thread since the issue cannot be addressed in this user forum.


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    First off these are not classified as pop up ads where your going to get infected with a Trojan or something malicious as you suggest.

    These are not pop ups like a browser pop up as your describing.

    This is a messaging system built into Free ZA and not web page pop ups.

    They come from us they will not have Trojans, viruses or any thing malicious.

    Your using a Free product and we reserve the right to market our own paid products to you since thats the only way to continue a free product is to convert a certain percentage of users to a paid product.

    Were sorry you don't like it or if you feel its advertising but your using a Free security program getting top notch protection a few messages about upgrading to our paid software is not much to put up with for something you can use for years for free.

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