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    Hi Guys
    I run ZAISS 9.3 and this is a shot in the dark but has anyone had problems installing SP1. Someone mentioned it could be ZA that is conflicting with my doomed installation attempts (and attempts to run restore). I switch ZA off when trying to run the installation or restore but without success. I don't want to uninstall ZA as someone has suggested unless it really could be the culprit. Anyone any ideas?

    [/B]Graham[/B] :)

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    There are no known issue with ZA and WIN7 SP1. Many have updated without issues on several machines including me. Probably some other specific issue on the PC.

    Before You Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1

    Microsoft says that systems with hotfixes (2406705, 979350 or 983534) will block the installation of the service pack and may experience problems as a result.Also certain types of third party firewalls and disk encryption software may be affected by the service pack.
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