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Thread: ZA Incompatible With Sewing Software

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    Default ZA Incompatible With Sewing Software

    My wife recently tried to install and run a new sewing program but found out it is not compatible with ZoneAlarm. Her program is Pfaff's 5D Embroidery System V9.0 Their tech support knows of the incompatibility and claim they cannot get ZA to go along with the program. I would like to get ZA's side of the story and know if there is a way to get 5D to work. Pfaff's solution was to remove ZA and install another antivirus.


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    Default Re: ZA Incompatible With Sewing Software

    sorry all users here. If you need to contact ZA staff (technical or customer support) you need to click on the links in my signature.


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    Default Re: ZA Incompatible With Sewing Software

    Sorry this is such an obscure piece of software we never heard of it nor has the sewing machine company ever contacted us.

    I suspect we don't automatically configure the software because of its obscurity.

    Maybe you didn't give the application and its associated components proper access.

    Of course there is also the possibility its not compatible.

    Bugs are prioritized on many different factors one being how many users does it affect. In this case so far just one.

    The realistic way its going to get fixed is that the software company thats makes it needs to fix there program.

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