I'm not sure how to type this in a short an simple way although it's not that complicated of a problem.

I have an application that has a launcher.exe and the actual program exe.

I need to use the launcher to change settings in the program, so the launcher must be used to start.

When I proceed from the launcher to the application ZoneAlarm gives me a message that the launcher is trying to use the other exe to access the internet.

I want no internet connectivity from the program at all and have put X's across the board for both the launcher and the other exe in the ZoneAlarm programs list.

The problem is the ZoneAlarm message crashes the application when it pops up.

How do I stop this from happening?

Question: If in the ZoneAlarm program list I right click on the launcher and select "Allow this program to use other programs to access the internet" does that then override any X's I've put into the program grid? I do not want that if that is what occurs. However that does allow me to start the application with no crash.

Is there a better way to do this by creating a custom rule maybe, and if so how would I do that?

Any help is much appreciated.

So to sum up, I need to get rid of the ZoneAlarm pop up when the launcher launches the main app exe "launcher is trying to use program to access the internet" (there is no "remember this setting" option) while keeping both exes from having any internet access.