My toolbar does not appear when I open a browser so I open a normal browser (not private) and enable FF from Tools>Manage Add-ons and close the window. Then I turn on the FF toolbar from View>Toolbars>Zone Alarm Toolbar. When I close the browser and reopen (either regular or private) the toolbar doesn't appear and when I check manage add-ons FF toolbar is disabled again.

Just wondering if this is the problem: For some reason, I have IE8 installed in C:|Windows and C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer.

Windows XP, SP3

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version:
TrueVector version:
Driver version:9.1.522.000
Anti-virus engine version:
Anti-virus signature DAT file version:1047731712
AntiSpam version:
ZoneAlarm Browser Security
ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Scanner
ZoneAlarm ForceField Anti-Phishing Database
ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Sites Database 04.155