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Thread: BSOB when configuring IP range

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    Default BSOB when configuring IP range

    I'm using ZA Extreme Security on a x86 Win7 box. ZA works fine in "normal" operation, but when I try to configure an IP range, I get a BSOB at the final "Apply" step.

    The dominant message that flashes across the screen is "A driver has over-run a stack-based buffer".

    I tried removing ZA and reinstalling, but this straw was not successful.

    Any suggestions on where to next?


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    Default Re: BSOB when configuring IP range


    We are all users here, you may want to contact the official ZA tecnical support (Live Chat) at the link in my signature, its free for registered users.
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    If your using the "Expert Rules" function to do this then this is a know issue and bug.

    We suggest you become a beta tester to test version 10 to see if this issue has been resolved or not.

    If its still an issue you can then submit feedback to Development so that in later beta versions it may get fixed.

    We are not fixing bugs in the 9.x versions anymore.

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