I've run AVG AV Free Edition 2011 with ZoneAlarm Free Firewall.At first I experienced that problem with ZA saying "Protection is up,UI is initialising".Note that I had installed ZA without customizing the installation,and that at that time my default browser was Internet Explorer 8.After trying some other FWs,I turned back to ZoneAlarm and this time I installed it without the toolbar.After rebooting the PC 2 or 3 times,to make sure everything's OK,both AVG and ZA were running fine.I have no problem right now,but could AVG and ZA interfere in the future?Or was the toolbar that was causing me problems(I have AVG installed with the AVG toolbar)?.To further complicate matters,I am not using Internet Explorer any more,but a less known browser,Comodo Dragon,which is not compatible with AVG and ZoneAlarm toolbars.
My operating system is Win XP Pro SP3 (32-bit.).

Please answer me.