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    antipodes Guest

    Default Firewall log empty

    In log viewer Program entries are ok, OS Firewall entries are ok, in Firewall nothing appears. This is a new development since I went ADSL Broadband. I've used ZoneAlarm for years, first with dialup, later with USB Broadband - with both of these the Firewall log behaved as it should. I've scoured the forums and found many people with the same problem, but no solutions that work for me. I have clean uninstalled and reinstalled but no change

    Any ideas, or should I abandon Zone Alarm?


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    benreffell Guest

    Default Re: Firewall log empty

    the log will only list items it blocks, your new ADSL router should, if set up how most people recommend i.e. ROUTER firewall is ON, it will block pings etc from the net so ZA will never see them and they will not appear in the ZA log (they will be in your ROUTERS log though if you want to see them). I've been running ZAES on a new ADSL line for about 6mths but only ever have about 10-20 alerts showing & they are mostly because I've set up my router to allow IPTV through it.

    You can change the ZA log settings to a degree so that it logs more or fewer events by going to the alerts & logs window, select "advanced" tab and then adjust settings under the "alert events" & "log control" (note: this is for ZA Extreme, not sure about other versions)

    You should keep both the ZA firewall and the router firewall up (the router firewall is likely just a simple table type so doesn't have the extra features ZA does).

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