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Thread: same old is not same old

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    Default same old is not same old

    So I'm getting a new pc up and running. On the old pc I've been using, I'm running Free ZoneAlarm 7.0.462.000 and everything has been fine.

    On the new pc, I download the current Free zonealarm and all h*ll breaks loose. Things freeze, Windows dies, etc. (The old pc is running XP SP2, the new one has XP SP3, if that matters.)

    So I clean up, uninstall ZoneAlarm. Have a nice little drink of tea.

    I copy the 7.0.462.000 exe from the old pc and install that on the new one. But, although the new one says it is 7.0.462.000, it looks different from 7.0.462.000 on the old pc. It is carrying on about anti-phishing, which the old one does not mention. Also, it will not let Firefox V3.6.8 access any website.

    What's a person to do? How can I get the old version working, or failing that, a new version working, that actually lets me access the web?

    By the way, it would be easier to answer the random question check if it was coherent.)


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    Default Re: same old is not same old ver. 7.0


    We can only help you if your running the latest version of Free ZA

    Version 7.x and 8.0 is very old now and no longer supported.

    Please upgrade to the latest version.

    Uninstall the Old version, then 1.) Download the Latest ZA Free installer preferably with IE Browser and (no Download Manager/accelerator like Get-Right, Livewire, Bit-Torrent, uTorrent) and save it to your Hard drive. Instakll the new version..

    After you done that and your still having issues then someone can help you.

    Microsoft Ends Windows XP SP2 Support

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