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Thread: ZoneAlarm firewall not let me use firefox

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    mrgt_br Guest

    Question ZoneAlarm firewall not let me use firefox

    I have Windows 7 ultimate 64 bits. I need to know what software permissions I must add in the Program Control, that Firefox can access internet. I am using SecureBrowser from Dell ( ) - where Firefox runs inside a "shell". I added permissions for Firefox, Kontainer.exe and KontainerCreator.exe yesterday and it seemed to work. No idea if I need to add anything else. I shut down computer. Today I started computer and wanted to use SecureBrowser and it not connects to internet. I checked the Program Control of ZoneAlarm firewall and saw that the two Kontainer software disappeared from the list. Any idea what I should do?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm firewall and Dell Secure Browser

    Expanding your search. Please also post your issue within Dell's forum for this software - click here ->

    Also ask if any other users have successfully installed ZoneAlarm and this Secure Browser software; any complications/ solutions. Ask moderators for help. And of course read thru some of the many threads there - it seems there are some issues/ complications others are having in general.

    As for ZA firewall, you may want to 'try' - uninstalling the ZA security toolbar before re-installing Secure Browser again; or 'try' un-installing ZA firewall altogether then install Secure Browser and then re-install ZA Firewall / without ZA security toolbar or with - your choice.
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    mrgt_br Guest

    Unhappy Re: ZoneAlarm firewall not let me use firefox

    Thanks for the reply. I try to add the Kontainer programs in ZA firewall - there is an option Program Control - Programs and a button add. I click on the button, it opens a windows where I can choose the files. I choose the Kontainer programs, click on "open" and nothing adds to the list. For what is that button "add", if it not adds the programs that I choose?

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm firewall not let me use firefox

    Probably its already there... scroll slowly and attentively all the list, it may be listed with a different name. Check the detail box for the actual file name. If not there, your ZA databases may be corrupted.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm firewall and Dell Kace Secure Browser

    ZoneAlarm firewalls will automatically detect and list any successfully installed program/ software.

    Please go to the Dell/ Kace forum and read thru many of the threads there and post all of your questions and issues there.

    Question: did you get a desktop icon when you installed SecureBrowser/ SB?
    -were you able to see the "grey" glow/ coloring around each windows page?
    -able to see menu/ options/ for the software?

    If you answered no to any of these questions; then you probably didn't install the software properly. Please go that forum and read alot and post questions there. Ask - should you see a Firefox listing and/or SecureBrowser listing in firewalls - what should you see, what should you do?
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