yesterday i bought a 3 pc license of zonealarm pro. I installed the first one on my computer without any problems. The next one should have been added at my brother's computer so i downloaded the zonealarm pro suite and started the setup. after a view seconds an error occured that zonealarm can't be installed on the computer because there is windows nt 4.0 installed and i need to install service pack 6.
I started the windows update and got the newest service pack for windows 7. After the installation of the service pack and the reboot of the system i tried to install zonealarm again and this time an other error occured. It say that zonealarm can't be installed because windows 95 is installed on the computer.
I don't know what to do...
The system is wondows 7 home premium. I read that windows 7 computers can't join a nt 4 server but now that the other error occured that windows 95 is installed i don't know what to do.
Thanks for support