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Thread: Constant port scan attempts

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    Default Constant port scan attempts

    I am using Zone Alarm Extreme Security on a Windows 7 Home Premium Edition computer. The firewall log has been listing repeated port scan and packet delivery attempts from the same IP addresses.

    As this has been going on for some time, I was wondering if there's a way to "shake them off", so to speak? Or am I doomed to always be the recepient of these scans?

    I've already had my hotmail email hacked, incidentally (I've since changed the password).

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    But the firewall is doing it's job anyways and dropping the unwanted packets.

    Another solution to the problem is get a router and let the hardware create a private network for your computer; and it will always drop those unwanted packets silently and securely.
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    Any advice the former Guru Oldsod gives you can take to the bank. Buy a router

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