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Thread: Free ZoneAlarm iTunes Sync Problem

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    Default Free ZoneAlarm iTunes Sync Problem


    I've got a problem with ZoneAlarm Free:
    ZoneAlarm Version:
    If the firewall is installed, I have problems with syncing music from iTunes to my iPhone. The songs are always damaged.
    If I disable the firewall (under "Firewall", "General Settings" --> off) I have the same problem.

    But now: I uninstalled the firewall and the sync works correctly.
    After this, I installed ZoneAlarm and now have now the problems are back.

    Currently I can's sync because I will not uninstall the firewall.

    I'm german and using the german version. Sorry for my bad english.

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    Default Re:Free ZoneAlarm iTunes Sync Problem

    This problem has been identified and fixed.

    There will be a new version of Free ZA going out very soon to fix this issue. The product will tell you when the update is available.

    NOTE: Paid ZA products already have this fix.

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